M a s t e r  P l a n n i n g

World-Class residential golf course developments arise from innovative vision and planning. There is no more important component of a golf course residential community than the golf course itself, as the golf course drives the layout and design for the other components of the community. Our experience in master planning and course routing is extensive, having developed successful master plans around the globe – from single family residential communities to high density developments, across a wide variety of terrain and environments.

Once the building blocks of the Master Plan are in place, our emphasis shifts to assisting the client and allied consultants with refining the program components and implementing their incorporation into the Master Plan. Critical to the success of any residential golf course community is the proper incorporation of parks, trail systems, athletic fields and community facilities. Our ability to properly layout residential development and integrate program components, across a wide variety of terrain and climates, has been the cornerstone of successful past projects. 

Preservation of the environment and natural resources is a key component to our planning process.  As such, our courses are routed to utilize the site’s existing topography to the fullest extent possible. This reduces excessive disturbances from construction and minimizes the overall impact the development has on the environment. Additionally, our Master Plans incorporate natural wildlife habitat areas wherever possible and we assist our clients in establishing Best Management Practices to ensure long-term preservation of our natural resources.