R e n o v a t i o n

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Renovation is an inevitable process for all golf courses. The reasons for renovation vary in all facets – some courses desire to renovate to better serve their respective clientele and market, other courses may renovate out of the need to repair and replace components of their facility and some courses may renovate due to external influences with the need to reduce their use of resources and operating costs. Whatever the reasons for renovation may be, our approach is simple --- be as adaptive as possible to suit the needs of our clients.

For existing facilities, their membership and internal management structure are unique unto themselves. As such, so should the approach to determining, planning and delivering proposed improvements. Our process starts with broad approach which we refine along the way, subject to the needs for the client. We typically begin our process with a thorough review of the course, then move-on to creating and presenting preliminary design concepts, and eventually provide a finalized Renovation Master Plan and Construction Bid Documents when the client has reached a consensus. We believe in being hands-on during construction, giving necessary direction to construction personnel and assisting in any other ways possible.